5-Year-Old Boy from Ilocos Norte Memorizes Periodic Table and Abraham Lincoln’s Speech

Meet Liam Llanes, a child genius from Ilocos Norte

ILOCOS NORTE – A 5-year-old boy from the province was able to memorize the periodic table of elements and the speech of former US President Abraham Lincoln.

Ilocos Norte child genius
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Prodigies are defined by their childhood ability to perform at adult professional levels in a particular area.

Some experts argue that prodigies benefit from years of intense, early practice, usually encouraged by ambitious parents.

There are different signs that a child might be considered a genius.

Among those were intense need for mental stimulation and engagement, ability to learn new topics quickly, ability to process new and complex information rapidly, desire to explore specific topics in great depth, and insatiable curiosity, often demonstrated by many questions.

In the Philippines, there are kids who are excellent when it comes to memorizing.

In the video posted by certain Lorlyn Lazaro, Liam Llanes, 5 years old, can be seen naming the elements from the symbols in the periodic table.

Aside from that, he can also give all the planets in the solar system.

According to Lorlyn, Liam started to show interest in a lot of things when he was only three years old that’s why he was nurtured early.

He can also recite the Gettysburg Address, the speech of former US President Abraham Lincoln.

Liam also showcased his speaking skills in a program.

The 5-year-old boy loves music and sports like swimming.

According to Liam, he wanted to become a pilot or doctor someday.

Note: The report about Liam will be added once available.

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