KRIS AQUINO – Ballsy Aquino Discloses her Sister’s Present Health Condition

Latest Update on the Health Condition of Kris Aquino

KRIS AQUINO – The sister of the Queen of All Media gave an update about her pressing health condition.

Kris Aquino
Credit: Instagram/Kris Aquino

The actress-host is currently in the US undergoing a series of tests and treatment due to her condition.

She’s in the US together with her sons Joshua and Bimby Aquino.

Last August 20, Ballsy Aquino, the eldest among the Aquino siblings, was asked during a forum of Banyuhay Aotearoa about her sister’s condition.

Ballsy attended the forum in lieu of the commemoration of the death anniversary of their father, former Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, on June 21.

According to Ballsy, her sister was diagnosed with additional two autoimmune diseases.

“When she left, she had two autoimmune diseases. I think now there are four,” she revealed.

Presently, the medical team of Kris is trying to find medicines for her condition because some of them are not effective due to her allergies.

Ballsy admitted that there were times Kris wanted to give up but every time she sees the picture of her two sons, she feels like her strength is being restored.

With the discovery of her two additional autoimmune diseases, she needs to gain strength so that she can be cured with her medicines.

“She’s not even 90 pounds now, she’s like 85 or 86. For the other treatments that they want to try, she has to put on more weight. She has to get a little bit stronger,” she said.

It can be recalled that it was on June 3, 2022, when Kris Aquino and her sons flew to Boston, Massachusetts.

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