Kris Aquino Reveals She and Two Sons Test Positive For COVID-19 In US

Kris Aquino: “I was severely immune compromised & being covid positive could mean ICU for me.”

KRIS AQUINO — The actress and TV host recently took to social media to share that she and her two sons Joshua and Bimby had tested positive for COVID-19 in the United States.

Kris Aquino and two sons
Photo: Kris Aquino / Instagram

Kris shared that Josh tested positive for COVID-19 last June 20 (US time) and she couldn’t understand what her nurse was trying to tell to her until Bimby came to explain to her and he told her to put on her mask.

He (Bimby) helped me go downstairs, my instinct was to go & hug kuya but everyone told me I needed to leave immediately & move to a hotel with nurse & Bimb because I was severely immune compromised & being covid positive could mean ICU for me,” she shared.

Kris added that it was heartbreaking for her to leave Josh because she felt like she’s abandoning him in time of need.

She also shared that Bimby had tested positive for COVID-19 less than 12 hours after she tested positive for coronavirus disease.

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Despite this, she felt reassured knowing that she and her sons would get through the coronavirus disease. According to her, she wanted the privacy her brother had when he was ill.

2 weeks after I am totally Covid free, I need to do 3-4 more shots of Xolair given every other week for my chronic spontaneous uticaria. Then I rest for 2 to 3 weeks, hopefully I have stronger immunity then,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kris said in the caption of her social media post that she promised she’ll be posting once more if there’s ever any good news.

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