Skusta Clee Breaks Silence Over Alleged Convo with Vanessa Raval

Here’s the reaction of Daryl Ruiz aka Skusta Clee on his alleged convo with Vanessa Raval

SKUSTA CLEE – The rapper whose real name is Daryl Ruiz has finally broken his silence following his alleged convo with Vanessa Raval.

Skusta Clee and Vanessa Raval
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was just recently when Vanessa, the sister of actress AJ Raval and daughter of action star Jeric Raval, took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she exposed her conversation with a guy persuading her to go on an overnight trip.

But Vanessa Raval rejected his offer stressing that she already have a boyfriend.

Although she did not drop any name on her post, some netizens claimed that it was rapper-singer Skusta Clee.

Skusta whose real name is Daryl Ruiz is a member of the Pinoy rap group, Ex Battalion which is behind the hit song, Hayaan Mo Sila.

The singer is the ex-boyfriend of Zeinab Harake– who is considered one of the most popular vloggers in the country with over 12 million subscribers on YouTube.

But Vanessa Raval denied that the guy in her viral convo was Skusta Clee.

As expected, the netizens were not convinced that it was not Skusta.

There were even netizens showing some hints that it was actually the rapper.

Meanwhile, after keeping his silence for a while Daryl Ruiz aka Skusta Clee has finally released a statement.

He urged Ms. Raval to reveal the guy she’s chatting with.

Ms. Vanessa Raval,

I have seen your posts circulating online and netizens have been linking them to me. To be fair to everyone– meaning you, me, and ang mga marites ng social media na nakaabang, paki reveal nga kung sinong ka chat mo dyan?

I’ll be waiting.

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