Award-Winning Writer Ogie Rosa on Election Results: ‘Bangungot’

Here’s the reaction of Ogie Rosa to the results of the previous election

OGIE ROSA – The Palanca awardee writer tagged the results of the previous election “bangungot” or nightmare.

Ogie Rosa and BBM
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It was on May 9 when the general elections took place.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos won the presidential race via landslide with over 31 million votes.

On the other hand, actor-turned-Senator Robin Padilla led the senatorial race with over 26 million votes while Jinggoy Estrada, a reelectionist, clinched the 12th spot with more than 15 million votes.

Recently, award-winning writer Ogie Rosa went to the micro-blogging site, Twitter wherein he shared his opinion about the results of the previous election.

Rosa called the results of the previous poll a “bangungot” or nightmare as BBM returns to Malacañang, Padilla becomes a senator and Estrada returns to the Senate.

“Bukas, nasa Malacañang na si Bongbong Marcos. Senador na si Robin Padilla. At balik-senado na si Jinggoy. Nag-sink in na ba sa inyo ang bangungot na ito? O nasa denial stage pa rin kayo?” he tweeted.

He also slammed the supporters of Bongbong Marcos and exclaimed about what the newest president has done in his years as a government official.

As expected, his post generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

Before becoming a president, BBM served as a senator from 2010-2016.

Meanwhile, it was on Thursday, June 30 when President Bongbong Marcos was sworn in as the 17th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

BBM took over the post of former President Rodrigo Duterte- who already returned to his home in Davao.

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