Kean Cipriano Shares Detailed Explanation About His Decision To Leave Callalily

Kean Cipriano: “I loved Callalily with all my heart. Seventeen years kong karera yung banda na yun. Pero…”

KEAN CIPRIANO — The singer-songwriter recently shared a detailed explanation about his decision to leave his former band, Callalily.

Kean Cipriano
Photo: Kean Cipriano / Instagram

Kean said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that it’s time to move on after 17 years of being with his former bandmates. According to him, there’s no point in returning to the band if he’s not happy and didn’t feel the magic, spark, respect, value, and appreciation.

I loved Callalily with all my heart. Seventeen years kong karera yung banda na yun. Pero kung hindi na masaya, at hindi ko nafefeel yung magic, yung spark, yung respect, yung value, yung appreciation, there’s no point [in continuing],” he said.

Before he announced that he’s out of Callalily, he had been thinking of disengaging from the band for 2 years.

Citing the negative atmosphere around them in the past years and the lack of output, it was time for him to move forward without his bandmates.

Aside from this, the singer said that growing as an individual artist was among the factors that led to his decision to leave the band. He shared that the band had not been meeting during the coronavirus pandemic and so there’s nothing new to play.

Kean also shared that he’s more than willing to license the band’s name to his former bandmates.

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He said that it was he who came up with the name of their band and it was under his intellectual property, but no response was given to him when he gave his former bandmates the figures for the license.

PUSH reported that the remaining members of the band decided that it was for the better to rename the band — from Callalily to LILY — and is opening auditions for a new band vocalist.

Kean wished his former bandmates good luck on their new journey without him.

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