Meet Ian Florentin, the Cobra Prince of San Pablo in Laguna

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Get to know more about the Cobra Prince of San Pablo, Laguna

IAN FLORENTIN – The 24-year-old is dubbed as the Cobra Prince of San Pablo, Laguna.

Cobra Prince
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At an early age, he has been exposed to snakes thanks to the reptiles caught and raised by his father.

He was only nine years old when he started catching snakes, which means Ian has been dealing with the said animal for the last fifteen years.

He inherited his interest in snakes and reptiles from his father named Raymond Florenti who is known as the Cobra King.

When he was young, Ian used to catch non-venomous snakes like rat snakes, and when he reached the legal age, he was allowed by his father to catch the venomous species.

Ian acquired knowledge about snakes from his father along with research on the Internet, and plenty of time in the woods to observe the behavior of a snake.

He also used it to earn money for a living. Although their income to catch snakes is not fixed, he’s happy to help others.

They usually earn 400 pesos to 1500 for catching snakes.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit the country, he started a YouTube channel called Cobra Prince.

Aside from catching snakes, Ian also has content with mountaineering, finding, and rescuing snakes.

As of posting, he has 107,000 subscribers.

The largest snake Ian allegedly caught was a python that reached 18 feet.

Watch one of his vlogs in the video provided below:

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