Experts Warn Public Regarding Negative Effects of Scratching Your Eyes

Negative Effects of Scratching Your Eyes Revealed by Health Experts

The health experts have warned the public regarding the negative effects of scratching the eyes excessively.

The experts give a strong advice to the Filipino people from scratching one’s eyes after feeling like a foreign object in the eye. They claimed that it may cause further eye complications in the future.

A young lady named Erika Bellen suffered from an eye trauma and infection. Her eye swelled and protruded outward after scratching it due to itchiness while collecting junks. She also felt a foreign object in her eye.

Negative Effects

The woman failed to wash her eye because of exhaustion and headache. She decided to sleep as he reaches home without washing and cleaning her eyes. The lady did not think that something worse would happen.

“Nangangalakal po ako. Naramdaman ko pong napuwing po yung mata ko kaya kinusot ko po ng kamay ko, Do’n na po nag-umpisa yung [pamamaga] ng mata ko, Napuwing po ako. Hindi na po ako nag-hilamos. Nag-pahinga na lang po ako, natulog po kasi sa sobrang sakit ng ulo ko,” Bellen said.

Erika suffered from frequent headaches and fever after the incident. She also discovered a white lump on her eye and her vision start to get blurry. The symptoms get worse as the time pass by.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Fay Charmaine Cruz said that Bellen has a condition called Anterior Staphyloma. She said that the condition can get worse if not treated urgently due to infection.

“May possibility na nagkaroon siya ng infection dahil nakuha niya sa pangangalakal niya. Pangalawa, the rubbing also, lalo ‘pag paulit-ulit niya ginawa, can add to the problem,” Cruz said.

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