Fishball Vendor Builds 2-Storey House From Selling Street Foods

Fishball Vendor Selling Street Foods Builds 2-Storey House

A hardworking fishball vendor was able to build his own two-storey house for his family from selling street foods.

A netizen named Michael Gripal Relucio has shared photos of his own two-storey house, which is the fruit of his hardwork as a street food vendor. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that Relucio gradually spend his hard-earner money to build a decent house for his family. He was able to buy the materials and appliances for his new home from selling street foods.

Fishball Vendor

The proud vendor shows the photos of the ongoing construction of his house. The house is already nearing completion and it only need some finishing touch. A few more time and the building will be completed.

The house is made of solid concrete up to the second floor. It has tiles on the exterior walls to help improve aesthetics, aluminum screen door, sliding glass windows, steel railing at the mini terrace and wall lights.

Relucio was also able to purchase huge TV and a stereo as well as other appliances.

Fishball Vendor

It has been reposted by the Facebook page “Supermom” and captioned it with:

“Isa po akong fishball vendor. Nagbunga po ang aking pinaghirapan. Konti na lang po matatapos na.” — Michael Gripal Relucio

Indeed, wala talaga sa income ang pagyaman. Nasa way ng pagspend natin. Kaya dapat, SPEND WISELY. ”

Fishball Vendor

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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