Young Banana Vendor Earns Praises for Working While Attending Online Class

Netizens Lauded Young Banana Vendor for Working While Attending Online Class

A young banana vendor has earned praises and admiration online for working while attending his online class.

During this modern generation, a lot kids are enjoying their childhood in a convenient life experiencing the love and care from their parents. Some of them are even experiencing luxurious life.

Unfortunately, there are some children who failed to experience a comfortable life due to poverty. Several kids have no choice but to work at a very young age just to help their parents to earn a living.

Young Banana Vendor

A Facebook user named Jeff Julian has shared the inspiring photos of a young boy selling bananas while attending online class. The photos circulate online and garnered comments from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that the teenager was actively attending his online class while taking care of his banana products. The young man is enduring the hardships and difficulties just to finish his studies.

Juian lauded the boy for his perseverance and determination in life just to get out of poverty. He is also hoping that the kid would reach his dreams someday because of his eagerness to reach his goal.

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Young Banana Vendor
Young Banana Vendor

Here is the full post:

Banana’s vendor

Im so proud of you boy

Bilib ako sayo kahit napakahirap man ng buhay pinag sasabay sabay mo pa den hanga ako sayo sa taglay mo sipag at tiyaga grind lang ng grind boy maaabot mo den mga pangarap mo samahan mo na den ng dasal

The online community expressed their reactions to the hardworking boy:

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