Young Kid Answering Modules While Helping Vendor Mom Goes Viral

Young Kid Goes Viral Online For Answering Modules While Helping Vendor Mom Along Sidewalk

A young kid answering his learning module while helping his beloved mother whose a street vendor goes viral online.

Last year, the coronavirus disease has started to spread like a wildfire in various regions all around the world including the Philippines. The virus has already infected and even killed millions of people.

Various countries have started to impose stricter rules and regulations to reduce the surging cases of COVID-19. The respiratory illness does not only affect the public’s health but also causes an impact to the global economy.

Young Kid

The health crisis leads the Philippine government to impose lockdown and quarantine protocols. The government has also decided to abandon the tradition learning and shift to the distance learning system.

The distance learning system offers modular method and online classes. In modular methods students have to pick up modules at schools and complete it within the given period of time, which makes it hard for some students and teachers.

Recently, the Facebook page of “ABS-CBN News” has shared the inspiring photo of a little boy completing his learning modules along the sidewalk. The photo circulates online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

The young boy identified as Ronjay Abes was busy answering his modules while serving as an assistant to his mother selling different types of goods along the sidewalk in Padre Faura road.

Abes is finishing his school works before submitting it to Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School.

The online community has expressed their reactions to the photo:

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