Furious Lady Vendor Slams President Duterte Over Controversial Policy in NCR

Furious Lady Vendor Airs Frustration Over Controversial “No Shot No, Ride” Policy

Furious lady vendor lambasted President Duterte over “no vaccine, no ride” policy for public transportation in Metro Manila.

On Thursday (January 20, 2022), a market vendor at the Paco Market in Manila has expressed her opposition to the “no vaccine, no ride” policy being implemented by the government in the National Capital Region.

The vendor identified as Gemma Parina narrated that walked from her house just to reach the market. The woman explained she is not vaccinated against COVID-19 because of her medical condition.

Furious Lady Vendor

Parina explained that she chose to not get vaccinated due to her heart condition and diabetes. She expressed her fury towards the government for allegedly making the life of less-fortunate people like her more difficult.

However, the Department of Health (DOH) clarified that individuals with comorbidities can get the vaccines. The agency explained that the individuals with well-controlled health issues may benefit from vaccine’s protection.

The woman reiterated that she need to go to work to support the daily necessities of her family and to pay their bills. She also criticized the government for not shouldering the bills of those who have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines.


“Wala akong vaccine may sakit ako sa puso eh… Ngayon kung magpapa-vaccine ako kahit ngayon din sa harapan ni Duterte kung mamatay ako, sasagutin niya? ‘Yung mga namatay na ba yan sa vaccine nasagot niya? Wala! Nganga. Eh, kung gusto pa ni Duterte pati ang mga COVID patients sa PGH i-lips to lips ko pa sa harapan niya eh,” Parina said.

Furious Lady Vendor

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