Dogs Also Grieve when their Canine Companions Die, Study Says

Study on Dogs Reveal Details about their Attachment to Fellow Canines

DOGS – A study found that a domestic dog also shows signs of grief or mourning following the death of a canine companion.

“A dog is a man’s best friend” – many people would surely agree to this line. In fact, a dog is usually treated as a family member in a dog-loving home. They believe that a house is not a home without at least one dog.

Dogs are affectionate by nature. There are guard dogs and watch dogs but, to their humans, they can be the most gentle creatures despite of how brave they are to guard their territories. Many furparents would surely agree that the socialization of a dog plays a huge factor in how they behave towards other people but they will always have their “hooman”.

Photo Credit: AKC

Dogs are not only close to humans. They can also be very friendly with another dog – may it be their sibling, their parent, or simply another dog that their furparents also own.

In fact, like humans, they may also grieve over the loss of another canine companion. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, a study found that dogs also show signs of mourning when a furry friend of theirs dies.

A study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports had 426 Italian adults who owned at least two (2) dogs and one of which died while the other is alive. Those that are alive were observed regarding their reactions to the loss.

Based on the report, the study found that a surviving dog may be eating and playing less and seeking more attention following the death of its canine companion. Negative changes were noted and they can last longer than six (6) months depending as well on the recovery of the human owner. They can be more fearful and they may sleep longer than usual.

Another factor that affects the grief of the surviving dog is the relationship shared with the dog who died. It is not much on the time they shared together.

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