Dog Lover in Lipa City Buys this Dog for P1-Million?

Dog Lover in Lipa City Purchases P1-Million Dog

DOG LOVER – A furparent in Lipa City, Gerald Marasigan, bought a pure breed dog with an imported lineage for P1 million.

A lot of people across the globe are dog lovers. They don’t treat dogs as mere animals that can live with them, guard their house, or be there to entertain them when they are sad. They treat dogs like family.

Treating them as family, dog lovers consider the welfare, safety, and happiness of these dogs. They are even called “furparents” as they treat dogs like their own children – providing for their needs from their diet to their vitamins and supplies to their veterinary needs. It is no secret to the public that treating dogs like this requires stable finances.

Meanwhile, no matter how big the expenses are, dog lovers say that the priceless happiness and love they share with their dogs outweigh the financial demands.

Recently, in Lipa City, a dog lover reportedly bought a dog for P1 million. Based on a post on RB Sweet FB Bacolod on Facebook, the new owner of the dog is Gerald Marasigan.

Gerald bought a pure breed American bully with an imported lineage from the United States. He named his expensive new furbaby “Top Boy”.

According to the Facebook post, aside from Top Boy, the dog lover also has another 100 dogs. Here are some photos of the newly-bought dog:

Dog Lover
Photo lifted from RB Sweet FM Bacolod
American Bully Top Boy
Photo lifted from RB Sweet FM Bacolod

The post gained different reactions from the netizens on social media. Many people were surprised by the price of the dog but some explained that there are really pricey breeds and lines and the dog lover has the right on what to do with his money. Several netizens were jaw-dropped by the evident quality of the dog.

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