Kris Bernal: “We aren’t planning to have a baby just yet, but …”

Kris Bernal shared that questions about having a baby started pouring in since she got married to her husband Perry Choi.

KRIS BERNAL — The actress recently took to social media to share how she felt now that a lot of people were asking her about pregnancy.

Kris Bernal
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

Sharing a video on Instagram, she shared that she and her husband weren’t planning to have a baby just yet, but she said that they weren’t actively trying to prevent it either.

Though they weren’t planning to have a baby yet, Kris said that she adored children and aspired to have her own. She added that they’re just the type of couple who planned big life events and be organized.

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The actress disclosed that their plans were on pause due to the pandemic. As a couple, she and her husband wanted to work on their bucket list first before starting their own family.

Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to travel or go on adventures as much as we would want. So, before we turn three, we aim to go to many of the countries on our bucket list,” Kris said.

She mentioned that they’re currently working on their house and also admitted that it might affect their finances. According to her, she’ll continue to work before they have a baby.

Kris clarified that she still believed in God’s perfect timing, but she’s looking forward to having a “mini Perry”.

If it comes a surprise, then so be it. In God’s perfect timing. God’s timing is impeccable. His plans, always,” Kris said.

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