Barangay Tanod Challenging Male Resident to Fistfight Elicits Reactions Online

Actual Footage of Barangay Tanod Challenging Male Resident to Fistfight Earns Criticisms

A barangay tanod has been caught on camera while challenging a male resident into a fistfight after having a misunderstanding.

The Facebook page “SIRBISU Channel” has shared the actual footage of a barangay tanod challenging a male resident into a fistfight. The video garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the video, it can be seen that the village watchman is bad-mouthing and criticizing an elderly man in the area. The elderly man politely explained his side to the raging guy but the latter did not listen.

Barangay Tanod

After a few moments, the irresponsible tanod removed his belongings and even challenged the senior citizen into a fistfight. However, the old man refused to accept the challenge and extend his patience.

The watchman continue to lambast the senior citizen who can’t even properly defend himself.

The video uploader is seeking help from Barangay Diezmo Cabuyao Laguna to take immediate action against the abusive public servant. According to the uploader the barangay employee choked the old man who turned out to be a stroke survivor. The tanod was still wearing his uniform during the time of incident.

Here is the full post;

“Pakiaksyunan naman po Barangay Diezmo Cabuyao Laguna sumosobra na,yung tanod na akala naten na magtatanggol saten e sya palang mas mangunguna o maghahanap pa Ng gulo or sa madaling salita e mantitrip Tama ba yan,sayang lang at di nakunan Ng video Ang buong pangyayare,ung nakadilaw po ay sinakal nya at ung matanda naman na namild stroke na e hahamunin pa Ng suntukan.

Partida nakaunifom pa Ng pang barangay Yan ha”

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

Barangay Tanod

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