Man Arrested for Threatening Barangay Tanod with a Fake Gun

Barangay tanod vs fake gun

FAKE GUN – A man in Dasmariñas City was arrested by the police after threatening a barangay tanod or village watchman with a replica of a real firearm.

tanod vs fake gun
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Toy guns are toys that imitate real guns but are designed for recreational sport or casual play by children.

From hand-carved wooden replicas to factory-produced pop guns and cap guns, toy guns come in all sizes, prices and materials such as wood, metal, plastic or any combination thereof.

Apparently, a man from Cavite used a fake gun to threaten a barangay tanod in the city of Dasmariñas.

According to Dasmasriñas police, watchman Danny Cruz was deployed in their village for a routine inspection along Summerwind Drive in Burol Main around 1:40 a.m.

He flagged down a certain Ricky Garvilles who was riding his motorcycle at the time.

But the latter who was under the influence of alcohol (liquor) refused. Suddenly, he pulled a “handgun” from his waist and pointed it at the barangay tanod.

To defend himself against Garvilles citing that it might be a dangerous firearm that is possible to take his life, he immediately grabbed the “gun.”

But it turned out that the gun was just a replica of a real firearm.

Garvilles is currently facing charges and is now being detained. However, the police did not divulge what are the charges he might be facing.

Meanwhile, a similar incident also happened in March wherein a ​male suspect has been arrested by the police authorities after declaring hold-up using a fake firearm in Pateros.

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