Concerned Netizen Seeks Help Over Improper Location of Barangay Hall

Concerned Netizen Seeks Removal of Barangay Hall Built at Improper Location

A concerned netizen has sought help over the improper location of the barangay hall built by the officers in Metro Manila.

The Facebook page “Mr. Contractor” has shared the photo of a barangay hall built in an improper location. The post immediately goes viral and garnered various reactions from the social media users.

The social media page shared the post of an unnamed netizen seeking for help after the barangay built their hall in front of its mother-in-law’s property in Metro Manila. The hall was built over 10 years ago.

Concerned Netizen

The barangay hall has built in the area without asking permission. The netizen reiterated that the building ruined the scenery and covered the property because it was built in an improper location.

The netizen is seeking help on where he could file a request for the removal of the building. He also revealed that senior citizens could not go to barangay hall because the stairs are so steep for the elderlies.

The page also questioned the authority of the government to violate building codes although they were strict when it comes to releasing building permits. “Bakit kaya kapag project ng gobyerno okay lang magviolate sa building code?”

Here is the full post:

“Hello po! Can I ask help from our ka HB here. My mom in law owns a property here in Metro Manila. Around 10 years ago the barangay built the barangay hall right in front of the property of my mom in law. Without permission they just built the barangay hall and it ruined the sight and covered the property. May I ask where we can request removal of the said barangay hall. Senior citizens cannot go up the stairs of the barangay hall since the steps are so steep. Thanks in advance for your help.”

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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