Woman Thanks “Twitter Magic” After She Has Found Her Long-Lost Brother

Woman Thanks “Twitter Magic” After She Has Found Her Long-Lost Brother

A certain woman has expressed her gratitude towards “Twitter Magic”, which pave the way to find her long-lost brother after five years.

An Indonesian woman with a Twitter account Nathan has shared the photos of her brother Yehezkiel (Eskil) who has been missing for years. The lady revealed that her younger sibling has a speech disorder.

Nathan used Twitter to find and locate her long-lost brother, which touched the hearts of the online community. The siblings have been reunited after five years and their story goes viral after it has been posted online.

Long-Lost Brother

The lady netizen asked Twitter to do magic to find her long-lost brother who went missing around 2015-2016. She has already reported it to the police authorities and tried to look for him but they got no positive results.

The woman said that her sibling just left the house to buy from a store but never returned. She also revealed that their parents is about to divorce during that time and their parents was not on good terms.

“TWITTER PLEASE DO YOUR MAGIC! I am trying to find my brother who has been missing for several years. The last time he was home was around 2015 to 2016. We’ve tried looking everywhere and have even reported it to the police but have not gotten any results.” Nathan wrote on her post.

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A day after the post, a certain netizen has posted a photo of a boy who looked like Yehezkiel. Nathan confirmed that it was indeed his brother. She picked up her missing brother from an orphanage and hugged him tight.

Long-Lost Brother

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