Loving Siblings Surprise Parents After Not Seeing Each Other for 2 Years

Heartwarming Video of Loving Siblings Surprising Parents Earns Comments Online

Lovely siblings have surprised their parents they haven’t seen for two years and the heartwarming scene goes viral online.

A Facebook user named Choong Kai Yee has shared the video footage of their surprise for their parents. They haven’t see each other for two years and the sweet moment immediately circulate on social media.

Choong and her siblings decided to surprise their parents for not seeing them for years due to travel restrictions. It has been tough for them to be away from their parents for a long period of time due to the pandemic.

Loving Siblings

The siblings were finally able to go home with the help of Malaysia-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane on 29th November. They made a tricky planning and made a bit of white lies about not being able to go home until the New Year.

I haven’t seen my family for nearly two years. Every day I think about when I can go back. After the government opened the VTL, we were all super happy! We started planning to go home! At the same time, I told mommy that we won’t be back until the New Year, We started a series of plans! The eldest sister proposed to bring the family to Holiday Inn for a buffet. I suggested that we act as waiters,” Choong said.

The Malaysian siblings asked help from the staff of a Holiday Inn buffet for the surprise. The hotel manager grant their request and even gave them uniforms to disguise as restaurant employees.

Loving Siblings

Initially, the parents did not recognized them for wearing masks but their dad noticed them first although he is not totally sure.

Loving Siblings

Watch the video for full details:

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