Young Girl Asking Permission to Airport Officer to Bid Farewell to Aunt Goes Viral

Young Girl Asking Permission to Airport Officer to Bid Farewell to Aunt Goes Viral

The sweet video of an adorable young girl asking permission to an airport officer to bid farewell to her aunt goes viral.

Young kids are so adorable and could easily express their love and care with their loved ones. Children usually show their affection through hugs, cuddles, and kisses especially to their family members and relatives.

The video footage of a young girl at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport captured the hearts of netizens after her heartwarming gesture.

Young Girl

A Twitter user named Kaptan Hindustan or @KaptanHindostan has shared the heartwarming video footage of a little girl asking permission from the airport officers to let her bid farewell to her aunt. The video garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the little girl approached the airport crew to let her bid goodbye to her auntie. The officers allowed her and the two hugged each other tight for the last time.

The fearless toddler touched the hearts of the airport employees with her simple gesture and hand movements. The crews allowed the girl although they are really strict when it comes in area that’s off-limits to non-passengers.

Young Girl

The young girl’s aunt cuddled her niece for a few seconds because she still needs to get on her plane. The mini-reunion of the two capture the hearts of the netizens as well as the airport security guy.

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