Hardworking Husband Gets 3 Jobs to Buy Laptop for Wife Working as Teacher

Hardworking Husband Surprises Wife Working as Teacher w/ Laptop, He Gets 3 Jobs Just to Buy It

A hardworking husband gets three jobs just to earn money to purchase a laptop for his wife who is working as a teacher.

A loving husband identified as Shahrul Amri Ibrahim married his wife Nurul Akma Abd Rashid in November 2020. They were both 25 when they have tied the knot and lived happily although experiencing hardships.

Ibrahim saw the hardships of his wife because of school works. She had to borrow laptops from her fellow teachers because she can’t afford to buy one amid the implementation of distance learning system.

Hardworking Husband

Shahrul who is working as biomedical technician has decided to look for extra jobs to earn extra money to buy a laptop for his wife. He also worked as a food delivery rider and sold products online to save money.

The hardworking man did not earn a lot to buy a brand new gadget but he was able to purchase a preloved laptop.

Hardworking Husband

I went to the store looking for a used laptop and it fit my budget of RM900 because I couldn’t afford a new one, After being satisfied with the appropriate specifications for my wife’s job, I finally agreed to buy a used laptop,” Ibrahim said.

The hardworking husband first went home after buying the laptop and hide it under a pillow to surprise his wife. His wife busts into tears after seeing the romantic surprise.

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