Man Holds Onto Truck That Killed Wife In Crash After Refusing To Stop

Man Holds Onto Truck That Killed His Wife For 19 Miles As It Refused To Stop

MAN HOLDS ONTO TRUCK – A motorcyclist in Brazil suffered an extremely painful loss after a truck crashed his motorcycle.

Sadly, the motorcyclist had his wife with him who unfortunately didn’t survive the accident. But, even after the crash happened, the truck refused to stop running. So, the man decided to take matters on his owns hands and held on to the side of a truck for more than 19 miles.

Man Holds Onto Truck That Killed Wife In Crash After Refusing To Stop

According to an article from Ladbible, the man was identified as Anderson Antonio Pereira. He went viral after he was captured hanging onto the side of a truck off the coast of Santa Catarina on Saturday.

The motorcycle could still be seen jammed under the front side of the vehicle. As per the article, Anderson was able to hold onto the side of the truck for 19 miles.

Anderson had to cling onto the lorry for 19 miles. Credit: Newsflash

His wife was flown to the hospital via helicopter but was pronounced dead shortly after due to a severe head injury from the crash. Eventually, other motorcyclist were able to drag the truck driver out of his vehicle and had him arrested.

Officials investigating the report said that the driver was positive for drug use. Furthermore, cocaine was found inside the truck.

Afterward, when police got him to the precinct, they said the truck driver tried to bite people and was extremely aggressive.

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