Roundworms Are What Type Of Biohazard? – Types Of Biological Hazard

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What Type Of Biohazard Are Roundworms? (Answer)

ROUNDWORMS – In this article, we are going to take a look at what type of biohazard are roundworms.

Roundworms are common and almost everyone knows what they are. However, not many know that these creatures are actually a contagious type of biohazard.


Before we go any further, we need to take a look at what exactly is a biohazard. Moreover, we need to understand a biohazard’s effect on the human body.

Roundworms Are What Type Of Biohazard?  – Types Of Biological Hazard

In short, a biohazard is something biological that becomes a threat to humans or other living organisms. However, when we say biohazard, we mostly use it to define biological substances that pose a threat to humans.

Examples of biohazards can be microorganisms, viruses, and toxins. Each one of these can have a severe negative effect on our health and our body’s systems.


As mentioned above, roundworms are a type of contagious biohazard because it causes infection. The roundworm is also a type of parasite because it lives inside another organism called the “host”.

If a roundworm enters the body of a human, then that human becomes its “host’. Specifically, the roundworm belongs to the group of parasites called the “Helminths”.

These are parasitic worms that live inside the host’s body. Moreover, these are categorized into three main groups: tapeworms, roundworms, and flukes.


Roundworms, sometimes called nematodes, are responsible for several different diseases. If you have come into contact with infected poop, people, or animals, you may be susceptible to roundworms.

Much like most other parasites, roundworms can be found in infected soil and water supplies. These eggs may survive for years if they are on moist soil. Here, they grow into larvae which can get into our guts if we eat food contaminated with them.

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