Woman Carrying Baby Falls Into Manhole For Focusing on Her Phone

Indian Woman Together w/ Her Baby Falls Into Uncovered Manhole

A woman carrying her little baby accidentally falls into a manhole without a cover for focusing on her mobile phone.

A CCTV footage in India, a mother carrying her baby while walking along the road accidentally falls into a manhole without a cover. The woman got distracted by her mobile phone and failed to focus along the road.

The lady failed to notice the uncovered hole and fell into it together with her baby. Luckily, several residents were quick to respond and helped the victim. One man went into the hole while others wait above the hole to pull the woman and her child.


After a few moments, the brave rescuer was able to rescue the baby and successfully pulled out the lady from the manhole. The lady victim quickly hugged the woman holding her baby and expressed her gratitude towards the rescuers.

According to the reports, the mom and child were now in good condition after the incident. The residents in the area said that the hole has been left uncovered for days. A barricade has been place along the hole but passersby from the other side could barely see it.

The authorities urged the owner to cover the hole to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the public. The residents used a tarpaulin to cover the hole temporarily after the incident.

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The authorities are also trying to look for the person responsible for the incident.

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