Nas Daily Representatives Formally Apologize to Whang-Od

All is well between Nas Daily, Whang-od and her tribe

Representatives of Nas Daily formally apologized to the legendary tattoo artist, Whang-od following their null and void contract.

Nas Daily and Whang-Od
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Months ago, Nas Academy, a school for video creators courtesy of Nuseir Yassin or popularly known as Nas Daily, officially announced that it would be pausing operations in the Philippines following the issue surrounding a course featuring traditional tattoo artist Whang-Od.

Whang-od was revered as one of the country’s last living artists practicing the art of traditional Kalinga tattooing – a hand-tapped method using thorns and charcoal for ink.

Grace Palicas, the grandniece of Whang-od, claimed in a now-deleted post that the “Whang-Od Academy” was a scam and the 104-year-old artist did not sign any contract with Nas’ team.

Nas Academy then responded to Grace’s post, insisting that it had Whang-Od’s consent as the company shared a video of Whang-Od affixing her thumbprint onto a contract as proof.

The rift between the tribe has escalated which prompted millions of Filipino netizens to unfollow the social media pages of Nas Daily.

No reconciliation happened between the two parties until representatives of Nas Academy personally went to Buscalan, Kalinga to formally apologize to Whang-od and the Butbut Tribe.

Watch the video below:

All is well between the two parties after the Butbut tribe accepted the reconciliation efforts of Nas Academy Philippines.

Their reconciliation was also made possible through the effort of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

Meanwhile, netizens couldn’t help but express their happiness after the two parties have finally settled their differences.

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