Paolo Contis to Bashers: “Please direct all your hate and bashings at me”

Paolo Contis to bashers: “Please direct all your hate and bashings at me”

“A Faraway Land” actor Paolo Contis recently took to social media to give a message to the bashers and haters who had been criticizing him.

Paolo Contis
Photo: Paolo Contis / Instagram

Following the fallout of his split with LJ Reyes, Paolo apologized to LJ, Lian Paz, as well as their children. In a statement posted on his Instagram account, the actor vowed to work on being a better person and also apologized to everyone who was hurt by the issue.

He also admitted that a third party was involved in the breakup but cleared Yen Santos of any involvement. According to him, the actress was “never the reason of our break up“.

The actor also asked for privacy and prayers for his family.

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Paolo also has a message to the haters and bashers who had been criticizing him, telling them to direct all their hate and bashings at him.

Ngayon kung hindi pa po kayo pagod, please direct all your hate and bashings at me. No one else deserves it, ako lang. Thank you,” Paolo said.

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He asked the bashers to stop bashing Lolit Solis and also thanked her for defending and protecting him amidst the breakup with LJ.

Please stop bashing her. Nanay ko si Lolit. Natural lang na ipagtanggol niya ako kahit mali ako. May nanay din kayo diba? Hindi niyo alam ang mga pagalit at pangaral niya sa akin pag kami lang ang naguusap,” Paolo said.

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