Rendon Labador Slaps Kiko Matos’ Head Again During Basketball Game

RENDON LABADOR – Kiko Matos received the so-called “motivational slap” of the motivational speaker again during their basketball game.

Rendon Labador slaps Kiko Matos
Photo Credit: YouTube screengrab

The two fight anew in a basketball match for the Battle of YouTubers.

While Kiko was dribbling the ball, he apparently threw it to Rendon and their commotion started prompting the latter to give him once again the so-called “motivational slap.”

At the end of the game, Rendon Labador won after garnering 21 points while Kiko only earned 2 points.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the two got into a fight.

Early this month, Rendon gave Kiko a slap on the head after calling him “bobo.”

Kiko even said he would be filing a case against Rendon regarding the incident.

But Rendon explained in his vlog why he gave Kiko a motivational slap.

Meanwhile, both are popular YouTubers.

Kiko is an actor-turned-mixed martial arts fighter while Rendon is a fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker.

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