Rendon Labador Explains Why He Gave Kiko Matos a ‘Motivational Slap’

Why Rendon Labador slapped Kiko Matos?

RENDON LABADOR – The fitness enthusiast explained in his motivational speech why he slapped actor-turned-mixed martial arts fighter, Kiko Matos.

Rendon Labador
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During the Battle of YouTubers, Rendon apparently slapped Kiko’s head.

The two eventually trended on social media following their near-fight.

Their commotion started when Kiko called Rendon Labador “bobo.”

Meanwhile, in his latest vlog uploaded on social media, the motivational speaker explained why he slapped Kiko Matos.

In the first part of his speech, Rendon Labador said: “Bakit ko sinampal si Kiko Matos? Sinampal ko si Kiko Matos dahil gusto ko. Ako lang ang pwedeng gumawa nun’. Kaya noong nagkaroon ako ng chance, gri-nab k na kasi ang chance minsan lang dumating sa buhay natin, eh!”

Watch the full video here:

His latest vlog earned mixed reactions from the netizens.

“Emotions bring a lot difference when you speak, but this man, really control it well. salute bro, slap me sometimes. kidding asside, you did well rendon,” a netizen said.

Another one added: “best Line yung sinabe niyang “Hindi ako proud sa Ginagawa ko” Pero kami proud kami sayo sir, ikaw ba naman from the beginning and the end nang game inaasar kana at binubully hindi kaba maiinis syempre mag bubuild na yung inis mo sa tao which is sinampal ni sir na dapat lang sa kanya yun.”

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