Rendon Labador Slaps Kiko Matos’ Head Again During Basketball Game

Rendon Labador slaps Kiko Matos

RENDON LABADOR – Kiko Matos received the so-called “motivational slap” of the motivational speaker again during their basketball game. The two fight anew in a basketball match for the Battle of YouTubers. While Kiko was dribbling the ball, he apparently threw it to Rendon and their commotion started prompting the latter to give him once … Read more

Rendon Labador Explains Why He Gave Kiko Matos a ‘Motivational Slap’

Rendon Labador

Why Rendon Labador slapped Kiko Matos? RENDON LABADOR – The fitness enthusiast explained in his motivational speech why he slapped actor-turned-mixed martial arts fighter, Kiko Matos. During the Battle of YouTubers, Rendon apparently slapped Kiko’s head. The two eventually trended on social media following their near-fight. Their commotion started when Kiko called Rendon Labador “bobo.” Meanwhile, … Read more