Kiko Matos Shows Support to Ping Lacson

Kiko Matos and Ping Lacson

Kiko Matos is rooting for Lacson in the presidency KIKO MATOS – The actor and mixed martial arts fighter showed his support to presidential candidate, Senator Ping Lacson. Lacson gearing up for the highest position in the government this coming May 9, 2022 election. Together with her runningmate, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, they will … Read more

Kiko Matos Poked Fun During Mobile Legends Live Stream with ‘Shampoo Reveal’

Kiko Matos

Kiko Matos pissed off with shampoo reveal KIKO MATOS – The actor/mixed martial artist-turned-social media personality is currently making rounds online after he was poked fun with a shampoo reveal. Francisco Manabat Perestrelo De Matos also known as Kiko Matos started his career as an actor. Throughout the years, he has starred in numerous projects … Read more

Rendon Labador Posts Highlights of Basketball Game vs Kiko Matos

Rendon Labador vs Kiko Matos highlights

RENDON LABADOR – The fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he posted the highlights in his exhibition match against Kiko Matos. Recently, the two had a face-off in a basketball game via Battle of YouTubers. Unfortunately, there was a short fight in the middle of the game. While … Read more

Rendon Labador Slaps Kiko Matos’ Head Again During Basketball Game

Rendon Labador slaps Kiko Matos

RENDON LABADOR – Kiko Matos received the so-called “motivational slap” of the motivational speaker again during their basketball game. The two fight anew in a basketball match for the Battle of YouTubers. While Kiko was dribbling the ball, he apparently threw it to Rendon and their commotion started prompting the latter to give him once … Read more

Rendon Labador Explains Why He Gave Kiko Matos a ‘Motivational Slap’

Rendon Labador

Why Rendon Labador slapped Kiko Matos? RENDON LABADOR – The fitness enthusiast explained in his motivational speech why he slapped actor-turned-mixed martial arts fighter, Kiko Matos. During the Battle of YouTubers, Rendon apparently slapped Kiko’s head. The two eventually trended on social media following their near-fight. Their commotion started when Kiko called Rendon Labador “bobo.” Meanwhile, … Read more

Kiko Matos: ‘Kung sino man gumawa nito, yuyupiin ko ulo mo’

Kiko Matos

Kiko Matos warns Rendon Labador KIKO MATOS – The actor-turned-mixed martial arts fighter took to social media wherein he posted a photo of him with a deformed head while warning the person who did it. Although he did not mention his offender, it’s obvious that he was referring to motivational speaker and fitness enthusiast Rendon … Read more

Kiko Matos Calls Khifer Brosse ‘Badoy’ Over his Apology

Kiko Matos and Khifer Brosse

KIKO MATOS – The actor-mixed martial artist called vlogger Khifer Brosse “badoy” following his public apology. The social media influencer earlier took to the video-sharing platform, YouTube, to apologize to Kiko after being slapped in the face. In his apology, he admitted that he was at fault pissing off the mixed martial artist. But his … Read more

Kiko Matos Explains Why he Slapped Khifer Brosse in the Face

Kiko Matos and Khifer Brosse

KIKO MATOS – The actor-mixed martial artist explained why he slapped vlogger Khifer Brosse in the face. Recently, Khifer collaborated with Kiko in a vlog. It was the first time the latter made a collaboration as a newbie Youtuber. The two decided to play basketball. With Khifer Brosse sporting a basketball attire, Kiko was convinced … Read more