Lani Misalucha Gives Update About her Condition After Hearing Impairment Due to Bacterial Meningitis

Lani Misalucha: “It’s so difficult to listen to sound.”

LANI MISALUCHA – Asia’s Nightingale gave an update about her and her husband’s condition.

Lani Misalucha
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The singer and her husband suffered hearing impairment after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

As a result, she wasn’t able to finish Season 3 of The Clash last year.

Up to this date, they are still struggling with their hearing.

“Scratches lang naririnig ng right ear ko. It’s so difficult to listen to sound,” she said.

Their work was affected so much that even driving they could no longer do.

“Siyempre, since hindi balanced ang hearing namin, meron din kaming problem sa equilibrium namin. So, hanggang ngayon, nahihilo kami,” she said.

“Talagang dumating sa point na ayoko nang kumanta, kasi hindi ko na nadidinig yung sound properly. There was even a point na ang boses ko, hindi ko na nadidinig nang tama,” she continued.

“I’m not feeling well, emotionally and physically. But you know, just like what everybody is saying, we have to go on. Our lives has to go on,” she added.

Despite her condition, Lani Misalucha will go on with her upcoming concert alongside Martin Nieverra titled New Day.

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  1. Hi good day.
    Just wanted to say will pray for their immediate recovery for this kind of sickness. Keep on praying hard & both of them can recovered in God’s time I know.
    Keep safe also and God bless still


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