Donnalyn Bartolome Reacts To YouTube’s Notice Asking Creators Outside US To Submit Tax Info

Donnalyn Bartolome reacted to YouTube’s notice asking creators outside the United States to submit tax info.

Here’s a reaction from Donnalyn Bartolome after receiving YouTube’s notice about asking creators outside the United States to submit their tax info.

Donnalyn Bartolome

Earlier, YouTube announced that it would start deducting US taxes from creators outside the United States and creators would submit their tax info in Google AdSense until May 31, 2021.

With this, Donnalyn posted on her Facebook page after receiving a notification from YouTube.

In a Facebook post, Donnalyn learned that there’s a tax treaty between the Philippines and the United States. As such, she shared that she’s relieved since she really spent a lot of money on her contents on YouTube.

Donnalyn also shared that she got the reality that a lot of people did it for the money but other people have no idea that vlogging wasn’t the only source of her income.

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According to her, maybe she just lived in a world wherein it’s common that people chose money over what made them happy or what gave them purpose.

However, Donnalyn shared that one of the secrets to YouTube success was genuinely doing it in order to make people happy.

Andaming di nagsuporta saakin when I was starting out BECAUSE YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK DIDN’T MAKE ME ANY MONEY back then. Even management ko when they claimed my YouTube account- the money na naaccumulate dun for years di ko naclaim because I forgot anong adsense account ko since di ko inoopen kasi di ko kunukuha ang pera (which is tanga btw hahaha) so I pursued pagaartista while doing YouTube. Nataon lang something I really appreciate doing makes a lot of money now kaya ibinabalik ko yun sa mga tao in so many ways,” Donnalyn said in her Facebook post.

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