Toni Gonzaga tagged as ‘DDS’ due to her Post for PBB Housemate Russu

Netizens called Toni Gonzaga “DDS” after her “forgiveness” post

Actress-host Toni Gonzaga is being tagged by netizens as “DDS” or “die-hard Duterte supporter” due to her “forgiveness” post for Pinoy Big Brother housemate Russu.

Supporters of the Kapamilya network and viewers of the reality show criticized the teen housemate for stating “Yes To ABS-CBN Shutdown”.

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After Russu’s eviction, Toni shared a post on her Instagram account regarding this matter. “For our 2nd eviction night housemate Russu was evicted because of a mistake he did that eventually made him realize the damage it has done,” she said.

However, Toni Gonzaga stressed that people who have been bashing, criticizing, and calling Russu names, did not realize that he is just “19 years old, he doesn’t know the gravity of words spoken.”

She added that Russu now realized his mistake and that he will do better.

“May this also serve as a reminder for us to not define and label a person by the mistakes they’ve committed but from how they rise up, rebuild and become a better person they are really supposed to be,” she also stressed.

Toni said that Russu kept on apologizing as she was hugging him. Then, the actress-host said that everyone deserves forgiveness.

Because of this, the name of Toni Gonzaga became one of the trending topic on Twitter on Monday. Many netizens liked what she said about forgiveness but many also bashed her and she was even tagged as “DDS”.

Here are some of the tweets against the PBB host.

It will be recalled that Toni Gonzaga also received criticisms because of her statement about the denied franchise of ABS-CBN. Some accused her of half-hearted support for her home network.

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