Dimples Romana Compares Callie Ahmee To Toni Gonzaga

Dimples Romana compared her daughter Callie Ahmee to Toni Gonzaga.

CALLIE AHMEE — Actress and celebrity mom Dimples Romana compared her daughter’s personality to Toni Gonzaga’s personality.

This, as PEP on Monday reported that Dimples had an exclusive interview via Zoom with Bianca Gonzalez for “Cinema News At Home Edition” last June 12.

Photo from Dimples Romana / Instagram

According to Dimples, Toni Gonzaga was “very smart”, “very quiet”, and she read a lot, which similar to her daughter Callie. Dimples also said that Toni was “very kind” and she spoke to the public, which was also similar to Callie’s personality.

Moreover, Dimples said that she was also “very creative”, which was the reason why she’s surprised to see her “introverted daughter” took an interest in vlogging, revealing that her daughter didn’t even ask her.

Saan ka nakakita ng introvert na nagba-vlog?” Dimples said.

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She admitted that she was ready to be a supportive mom despite her initial surprise as she had been even with her friends. For her, she didn’t like to generally judge people and her friends already knew it.

Dimples then believed that her daughter knew this about her, which was the reason why she didn’t ask for permission to her before venturing into vlogging.

Callie Ahmee
Photo from Dimples Romana / Instagram

Also, Dimples said that her daughter has her own Instagram account and she didn’t set any red flags or limits to her, adding that her daughter already knew her parameters and limitations.

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