How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant

Guide on How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant (Signs & Tests)

HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR DOG IS PREGNANT – Here are some of the signs if a dog is pregnant and as well as the tests that can be conducted to be sure.

Most dog owners are excited whenever there is a chance that their dog is pregnant. If you are into dogs, who won’t love to be a furgranny anyways?

Dog pregnancy is inevitable most especially if you have both male and female dogs at home. As a furparent, the best thing that you can do is secure the health of the mother and as well as the puppies.

How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant

The first thing is to determine whether or not your dog is indeed carrying puppies inside her womb. How to know if your dog is pregnant?

There are signs that might appear if a dog is pregnant. Based on Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital, a pregnant dog may display:

  • decreased activity – Your dog might not be as playful as it was before. She may like napping most of the time.
  • changes in appetite – There is a variety of fluctuation with regards to the appetite of a pregnant dog. Some eats more while others eat less and sometimes vomit.
  • unusual behavior
  • changes in the body
  • weight gain
  • enlarged abdomen
  • nesting behaviors

The most effective ways to know if your dog is pregnant is through a X-Ray or an ultrasound. The former can determine the estimate number of puppies inside the womb of the mother dog.

With regards to ultrasound, it is usually done to check on the condition of the puppies inside the womb of the mother. It can also help detect the expected due date of the mother.

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