How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Wondering How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? Here’s A Guide

HOW LONG ARE DOGS PREGNANT – Here’s a guide on how many weeks it takes for a dog to complete a gestation period.

One of the inevitable thing that may happen most especially if you have both a male and a female dog at home is the pregnancy of the latter. It is a moment that usually sparks both on the dog owner – excitement and nervousness.

Most furparents are both excited for their furry babies to have puppies and as well as nervous over the safety of the dam and the little ones.

Meanwhile, with the proper process, you can at least increase the chances that your mother dog will remain safe all throughout the gestation period or the pregnancy.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant

How long are dogs pregnant? The gestation period of a dog may differ depending on the breed. Meanwhile, the usual range is within 58 to 68 days.

The aforementioned range is the number of days when the mother dog usually gives birth to the puppies but it is not always the case. There are dogs that may go pass the 68th day but still have healthy puppies.

Nowadays, a lot of veterinary clinics are equipped with machines that could help give details over the pregnancy of a dog. Should you wish to know a more specific due date of your dog, you can have your dog undergo an ultrasound.

Before your dog reaches its 58th day of pregnancy, it is important to prepare ahead of time the things needed during the delivery of the puppies. Among those that you must prepare are the following:

  • litter box
  • clean clothe
  • sterilized scissors / surgical scissors
  • nasal aspirator or bulb syringe

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