Is Chocolate Good For Dogs?

Are you also asking – Is Chocolate Good for Dogs? Here’s A Guide

IS CHOCOLATE GOOD FOR DOGS – Here’s a guide on whether or not your furry baby can have a bite of your favorite chocolate bar.

One of the situations that usually puts a dog owner in between is when the furbaby also wants what its owner is eating. Unfortunately, no matter how much you wanted to give a slice of what you eat to your dog, not all foods that are good for humans are also good for them.

There are foods that may be healthy or cause no harm to the human body if taken moderately but must not be given to dogs even in the smallest amount. It is better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Is Chocolate Good For Dogs

Let us take for example chocolate. Are you one of those asking – Is chocolate good for dogs? The answer is a big NO. It can be toxic for your furrby babies.

Based on Hills Pet, what makes chocolate not good for dogs is the fact that it may contain theobromine, it is a toxic compound for dogs as their bodies process it very slow which paves the way for the building up of toxic levels in their system.

Different types of chocolate may contain different levels of theobromine. Cocoa, dark chocolate, and cooking chocolate contain the most theobromine levels while milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest.

Although a small amount of chocolate may only result to stomach upset, it is not worth risking your dog’s life. There are several healthy treats you may give your furry baby whenever you are on the mood to have some chocolate bars for yourself.

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