Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

Do you also ask, “Can dogs eat peanut butter?” which is a delicious snack?

CAN DOGS EAT PEANUT BUTTER – Here’s whether or not you can give some peanut butter to your furry babies as you eat your sandwich.

One of the usual confusing times for a responsible dog owner is when you’re eating and your furry baby looks at you like it wants some of what comes to your mouth. Do you also experience the same thing?

Aside from playing, another favorite thing to do of healthy dogs is eating. No wonder that a sound of a bag of chips can awaken them no matter what. On the part of the furparents, it is undeniably hard to resist giving them what you eat.

However, it is important to always think twice of what you are giving your dogs. Some foods which may be good and healthy for humans may not suit well with their health.

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter

Let us talk about peanut butter. Have you also experienced enjoying your delicious peanut butter sandwich only to find out that there are these two eyes looking at it like it really wants to enjoy some sandwich time too?

Can dogs eat peanut butter?

The bread may not cause harm to the dog but the concern is the spread – the peanut butter. While healthy dogs can have it, it is important to watch out for the content. Some peanut butter contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs and can be fatal. Based on Blue Cross, this ingredient is usually used as an artificial sweetener to a food. Peanut butter is not good for dogs who are:

  • overweight
  • having kidney problems
  • under special diets

How much peanut butter you can give your dogs?

Unfortunately, while it is a delicious treat, peanut butter is not a healthy food for the dog. It is high in calories and fats thus must be given moderately.

  • For small dogs, 1/2 teaspoon twice per day.
  • For medium and large dogs, you may give one (1) teaspoon as the maximum amount twice per day.

Dogs with sensitive stomach and those with diabetes are best not given with peanut butter. It is also important to observe your furry baby as it may be allergic to nuts.

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