Derek Ramsay Slams Basher Over ‘Bastos’ Comment Amid Rumored Breakup with Andrea Torres

Derek Ramsay fires back at basher

Derek Ramsay slammed a basher over a ‘bastos’ comment amid his rumored breakup with Andrea Torres.

Derek Ramsay Slams Basher Over 'Bastos' Comment Amid Rumored Breakup with Andrea Torres
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On Monday, November 16, rumors spread on social media that the 43-year-old actor and the 30-year-old actress have broken up.

The followers of the Kapuso couple immediately noticed that their pictures together were deleted from their Instagram accounts.

Andrea no longer follows Derek on Instagram, although the actor is still following her.

On Monday night, a source close to Andrea confirmed that the two had broken up.

However, at press time, Derek and Andrea have not yet officially confirmed that their relationship has ended after more than a year of dating.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, November 17, Derek Ramsay posted on Instagram an ad campaign photo of one of his endorsements.

In the comment section, many of the actor’s Instagram followers are asking for confirmation if it is true that he and Andrea are separated.

Derek Ramsay does not respond to any of these comments — but there are some he did not want to miss like the netizen, who commented on his thread asking why Andrea’s photos are no longer on his Instagram wall.

The netizen noted in the comment thread: “tapos napo tikiman”

But the netizen kept mum after Derek Ramsay called it, “bastos.”

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