Sheena Halili Shares How Love Changes After Marriage, Pregnancy

Sheena Halili shared how love changed after marriage and pregnancy.

Actress Sheena Halili recently took to social media as she shared about how love changed after marriage and pregnancy.

Sheena Halili Love
Photo: Sheena Halili / Instagram

In an Instagram post, the actress showed how her relationship with her husband Jeron had gotten stronger after their marriage. She even shared a photo of one of their wedding photos on her Instagram account.

Sheena also praised her husband and mentioned how he would be a great father for their daughter.

Sheena Halili and lawyer boyfriend Jeron Manzanero got married last February 2020. The two also revealed that they’re expecting their first baby months later in June.

Jeron and Sheena had been in quarantine together after their marriage and had also been preparing for their first baby.

Last August, Sheena and Jeron surprised each other as they exchanged their gifts on their third anniversary.

Sheena also showed off her baby bump on her 22-week pregnancy and shared her preparation for the arrival of her baby.

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