Former Actor Leandro Muñoz Confesses his Eldest Child is a Transman

Meet Frankie, the transman child of Leandro Muñoz

Former actor Leandro Muñoz who’s once the love triangle of Piolo Pascual and Judy Ann Santos in the movie “Kahit Isang Saglit” confessed that his eldest child is a transman.

Former Actor Leandro Muñoz is a Proud Father to his Transman Child
Photo Credit: Leandro Muñoz/Instagram

Leandro Muñoz made the confession that his eldest child is a transman via Paolo Contis’ online show titled Just In.

According to the former actor, Cheska is the name of his eldest son and not really Frankie. But when he turned 16 years old, his child admitted to him that he likes the same gender.

“This is something I will never ever hide from the public or anyone should hide from the public because this is a serious matter,” he told Paolo Contis.

“Yung anak ko nung nag-turn siya ng 16 years old, kinausap niya ako. He was crying, sabi niya, ‘I need help. I am wrong. I need help maybe from a psychiatrist,” he added.

After his eldest son confessed about his real gender, Leandro Muñoz became open about it to the public.

“Now he goes by Frankie. He’s 26 years old now and he’s a male, a trans male. He’s very, very happy,” he declared.

According to the entertainment website, Push, Leandro Muñoz also gave a message to parents who have a child similar to his.

He is now based in San Francisco, California after he left showbiz to work in America as a financial advisor and broker.

He also has two children namely; Frankie, his eldest son who is a transman and Mason.

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