Resourceful Guy Creates Makeshift Bike As His Service Vehicle

Photos of Resourceful Guy Who Creates Makeshift Bike As His Service Vehicle Goes Viral

The photos and a video footage of a resourceful guy who created a makeshift bike as his service vehicle goes viral on social media.

Nowadays, a lot of people in the Philippines are experiencing poverty due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The health crisis also affects the public transport leaving the commuters no other options but to use bicycle and other makeshift vehicles.

A Facebook user named RenZie Azucena has shared the video and photos of a witty man who made an improvised bike as his service vehicle. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Resourceful Guy

Azucena expressed his admiration towards the cyclist identified as Jannifer Cabaya for creating a makeshift bicycle made of wood and bicycle wheels. Renzie took photos and film on how the improvised bike works.

Cabaya also owns a motorcycle but he had no enough money to refuel it so he decided to make his own bicycle.

Resourceful Guy

Here is the full post:

Walang pang gasolina?
Mag bike na…wait whaaat?

Bisekleta ba kamo??
Sa Guimaras lang po ito

Self made bicycle
Gawang Guimarasnon

And it actually works 💪😁👌

The online community lauded the man for his creativity and even offered help:

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