Billy Crawford ‘Excited’ To Welcome First Child With Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford admitted that he was excited to welcome his first child with Coleen Garcia.

Television host-singer Billy Crawford took to social media as he couldn’t be more excited to welcome his first child with Coleen Garcia.

This, as he posted on his Instagram account wherein he shared his excitement to their followers and fans.

Billy Crawford first child
Photo: Billy Crawford / Instagram

In an Instagram post last September 7, Billy said that he couldn’t wait for the “exciting next few days” with his wife as he expressed how grateful he was for his “beautiful wife” and “mom-to-be”.

In addition, Billy thanked his wife for her sacrifices, patience, love, care, worries, and strength, adding that his only prayer in life was to turn out to be “a great father” but “an even greater husband”.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia got married in a grand wedding last 2018 at the Balesin Island. The couple had celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary last April.

It was last May when Coleen and Billy first announced that they’re expecting their first child.

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In an excerpt from an article on Preview, which obtained by, Coleen revealed that she will be delivering her first child though water birth at their home due to COVID-19 threat. She also talked about what she would tell her child about the year 2020.

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