Coleen Garcia To Deliver Baby Through Water Birth At Home Due To COVID-19 Threat

Coleen Garcia will deliver her first baby though water birth at home due to COVID-19 threat.

Actress Coleen Garcia recently revealed that she would be delivering her first baby though water birth at home due to COVID-19 threat.

This, as she relayed the message to photographer and friend BJ Pascual in the latter’s vlog.

Coleen Garcia Water Birth
Photo: Coleen Garcia / Instagram

According to Coleen, the pandemic had made the situation a bit different for pregnant women while she already received advice from fellow mothers about “safe ways” to deliver her baby.

Coleen also said that they’re praying for a successful home birth as they won’t go to a hospital. She also said that they weren’t there in the living room because cats might blow up their tub, adding that birth was unpredictable.

But Coleen revealed that her plan was to give a water birth at the master’s bedroom. She also confessed that she wasn’t able to go out this whole quarantine season.

BJ Pascual also revealed that Coleen was the official cover of this month’s Preview magazine.

Coleen and Billy Crawford previously announced last May 1 that they’re expecting their first baby. She was already 34 weeks pregnant and was expected to give birth to a baby boy soon.

It was last June when Coleen shared her daring maternity photo on her Instagram account.

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