Rica Peralejo Finally Returns To The Philippines

Celebrity Vlogger Rica Peralejo finally returned to the Philippines

Celebrity mother and vlogger Rica Peralejo told her followers and friends on Instagram that she and her family finally returned to the Philippines after months of being stranded in the United States.

This, as she and her husband Joseph Bonifacio traveled to the United States with their two kids back in March. But with the pandemic that caused massive flight disruption worldwide, they had to stay for a little longer.

Rica Peralejo Finally
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In a post on her Instagram Story, Rica said that their vacation was supposed to end in April.

Last September 5, Rica’s family finally arrived in NAIA Terminal 2 and marked their return to the Philippines by uploading a photo on Instagram as she carried Baby Manu while their luggage was at her back.

In her Instagram post, Rica said that she’s already bracing herself to experience some inconveniences arriving in the Philippines.

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A love note to Manila, 4:30 in the morning. Hi, Manila. We arrived softly on this rainy morning. You are still sleeping, just like my toddler. See you later when we wake up. Already prepared myself by admitting that I will probably not like your inconveniences, will perhaps feel a little more hassled than usual, and make me want to fly back to where we came from. But you are the place of our calling. And sometimes, I mean many times, calling is not a matter of our choosing, it isn’t decided according to where we might feel the most comfort in life. It is where God ascertains the geography of our unique mission and story. This nation needs me as much as I need her. For my own humility, sanctification, and more. (And her? She might just change because of me. Or because of my children.) So, hello, we meet again. Thank you for welcoming my family back with a little bit of rain. Maybe this is an agreement? To be a little gentler to one another this time around? #pilipinas #mamawanders #mamaishome

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In her separate post, Rica shared their decision to return to the Philippines this September and gave some of her observations on what to expect upon arrival at the airport, including the mandatory COVID-19 testing.

According to her, she’s happy that they came home when they chose to, adding that they had an option to return to the country on June and August after having their flight been cancelled twice since April. But Rica said that she felt like the process wasn’t as smooth back then yet.

Rica also said that she thought they actually made the right decision.

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Wow, it was only in my last post that I realised how many of our friends and followers were kind of “invested” in our “coming home” story. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers and thoughts regarding our flight back home. Thank you everyone for covering our family’s long journey! ❤️🌲🙌🏼🥾 Some of you were also asking about the test, quarantine, and all, so here’s a rundown of things I can remember. Just swipe away to read everything. Too long it cannot all fit as caption! Also, I am just so happy that we came home when we chose to. We had an option to do June and August after having been cancelled twice since April (three times for my mom), but I felt like the process wasn’t as smooth back then yet. So we opted to delay until we feel like things have smoothened out. I think we actually made the right decision because it seems that our country’s got it figured out more now. Here is how it looked like in the airport: 4:55 plane landed 5:30 got off the plane 6:30 paid and swab tested 7:15 outside the airport waiting for our transportation Moreover, we got our results same day! Amazing!!! Thank you Bureau of Quarantine for fixing and improving the system. ❤️❤️❤️ Note: Sorry if I was not able to cover everything you might want to know but I will set up a “question booth” over at my stories so I can answer whatever else you might want to ask and I have not answered anywhere within this post, okay? ☺️ Pahabol: Swab Test we took was provided by the government’s partner healthcare. You can also opt to do a private one, they would have a list of approved companies to do this. You can also prearrange this, but I heard na baka mas mahal. Although sabi nila mas mabilis! But our results came back in a day so… hehe… not sure but we just chose to go with what was provided right there at the airport!

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Previously, Rica shared to her followers on Instagram why she both hated and loved the pandemic. Also, she previously posted on her Instagram account as she commemorated her father’s first death anniversary.

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  1. Hi Ma’am Rica ask ko lng kung puede n rin bang umuwi ang mga U.S.Citizen.above 75-80 years old.at di n b kayo naquarantine ng Family mo? Sila April 5 pa sila nakabook.peru until now di pa sila nakauwi.thank you and Welcome Home,God Bless


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