Rica Peralejo Commemorates First Death Anniversary Of Her Father

Rica Peralejo commemorated the first death anniversary of her father

Celebrity mom and vlogger Rica Peralejo still felt the pain of losing her father as she commemorated her father’s first death anniversary.

Rica Peralejo Father
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Last 2019, she shared on her Instagram account that she wasn’t able to be with her father when he died on August 6.

She also shared that they’re flying to California in order to see her father to introduce her newborn Manu, yet they didn’t make it.

Recently, Rica shared something on Instagram as she commemorated her father’s first death anniversary.

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In her post, she said that she’s just trying to understand the news that her father died last year. She also said that she had just booked a ticket to fly and to see him a week after when she got a call that her father had already gone.

Rica couldn’t believe how things eventually turned out since they’re supposed to retrn to the Philippines in April, yet the pandemic had messed up their plans and they had been stuck in the United States for months already.

She also expressed her regret that she couldn’t be with her dad. You can read her post below:

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Around this time, last year, I was just trying to understand the news that my father finally passed away. I had just booked a ticket to fly and see him the week after when I got the call that he had already gone. It was one of those things that you wanted to change so bad but couldn’t. I mean, people die, yes, but what is a few days just so I can see him one last time? Just so he can meet his youngest grandchild? Couldn’t it have waited for just one more week? Nevertheless we continue. We went ahead to fly because the tickets were nonrefundable. However come next week and we had prepared much for nothing. After several hours at the airport our plane is said to have been having trouble that we were offered the options to rebook or refund and we took the latter. We stayed and decided to wait for my father’s ashes back home. Fast forward to March and we fly to the US. Using the refund money plus vouchers we received as reparation for the hassle. (We were in the airport for twelve hours.) We were booked to come home in April, but Corona happens and we are still here. We are finally coming home soon and praying (so hard) we don’t get cancelled anymore. (We’ve been cancelled three times.) But before we do, I just want to stop and notice the fact that yesterday was my father’s first death anniversary. Unbeknownst to me when we rode that plane in March that I would reach this day. Where I was supposed to be last year, is where I am now. And I cannot help but ask (again), why couldn’t we be in the same place at the same time? I can answer that many ways. One that would make the father more guilty than his daughter, or the other way around. But what is the use? There is only one hope that makes sense at this time. That though our misgivings, we can someday see one another at our best, because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

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