Loisa Andalio After Receiving Silver Play Button: ‘Alam Na Po Ng YouTube Ang Bahay Namin’

Here’s a reaction from Loisa Andalio after receiving her Silver Play Button.

Loisa Andalio recently made a short vlog thanking her supporters for reaching her new milestone as she received Silver Play Button from YouTube.

Loisa Andalio Play Button
Package from YouTube | Photo from Loisa Andalio

Loisa Andalio started to venture into vlogging as she formally launched her channel last 2019. However, her Youtube channel was created last 2016.

In her vlog, she received a package from YouTube. As she unboxed the said package, it appeared that YouTube gave her Silver Play button after reaching 100,000 subscribers on her channel.

Loisa then gave her reaction after receiving a package from YouTube.

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As she opened the package, she’s surprised as she saw her name on the Silver Play Button. She then thanked her supporters for her new achievement.

Although her channel already reached over 200,000 subscribers, Loisa said that she was aiming at reaching one million subscribers on her channel in order for her to receive the Gold Play Button from YouTube. With this, Loisa had vowed to create more vlogs and to focus on her YouTube channel because of its number of subscribers.

At least, alam na po ng YouTube ang bahay po namin,” Loisa said after receiving her Silver Play Button.

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