David Licauco Completes 6-8 Online Courses During Quarantine Period

David Licauco had completed 6-8 online courses during the quarantine period.

Actor David Licauco had completed six to eight online courses that he took during the quarantine period as he took those courses from different universities abroad and started his own online business amid the pandemic.

David Licauco
David Licauco completed 6-8 online courses during the quarantine period. Photo: David Licauco / Instagram

In an interview, David told Kapuso Showbiz News that studying was his happiest thing that he did amid the quarantine period. He also said that he should be doing it for four weeks but he finished every course in three to four days.

It is said that his perseverance in education was different compared to his previous routine when he was still a student.

According to him, he changed his perspective due to quarantine, adding that he should say that he had changed “a bit” for the better.

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Recently, David had launched his online store and community that matched his fashion and advocacy — to encourage the public to have a healthy living.

David said that he started a business that was “medyo complicated” or a bit far from his comfort zone, adding that he thought that it was just all about finding those opportunities and making those ideas happen.

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