Here’s Why Rica Peralejo Loves And Hates Pandemic

Here’s the reason why Rica Peralejo loved and hated the pandemic.

Rica Peralejo recently posted a photo on social media and wrote a caption telling about her reason why she loved and hated the pandemic.

Rica Peralejo Pandemic
Photo: Rica Peralejo / Instagram

In her Instagram post, she shared her experience as she and her family got stranded in the United States after travel restrictions were being implemented as a precautionary measure against coronavirus disease.

She hated the pandemic because she felt like her life was put on hold, adding that she lost opportunities, experiences, development, and more.

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However, Rica said that she felt like this had been the “best time” of her family life as God was knitting all the hearts involved in her family in a way that had never happened before.

Rica also said that it was such “a time of rich deposit” that went deep into the treasure banks of their souls which would serve to be a source of “wholeness” and “fullness” they needed when it’s already time to let go.

You can read her full post below:

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“I love and hate the pandemic.” In just one line, my six-year-old son summarized how many of us feel about our collective experience. On one hand, I feel like my life was put on hold. Surely, I lost a lot — opportunities, experiences, development. But at the same time, I feel like this has been the best time of my family life. God is knitting all the hearts involved in our small family of four in a way that has never happened before. It’s such a time of rich deposit that goes deep into the treasure banks of our souls which will serve to be a source of the wholeness and fullness we need when it is already time to let go. These kids will grow older. They’ll want to do their own thing, have their own families, and not live with us anymore. So I can only be glad that God had given us this time to be together. The time to be fond of one another. The time to want nothing but each other. The time when bath tubs were everything, and big hugs are not hard to get or give. (Why is it that when am I being present, I also cannot help but think of the future?) But this is “why I love” the pandemic. It was the reason why we got stranded halfway around the globe, and only God knew it was what we needed to seal a lifetime’s worth of quality memories. The kind that not only the mind will remember, but even by every cell, every bone of my body, our bodies. #mamawonders #mamawanders PS: See my stories to see our day at the beach!

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